Saturday, March 10, 2012

Art Show

E was chosen as one of 12 students from her school to participate in an art show at the Hickory Museum of Art on Thursday night.   We went to a reception in all of the students honor and all of the art is hanging in the museum.  Her artwork was to honor the custodian at her school.
She did a super job and all of the students artwork is on display this entire month at the art museum.  We are so proud of her!

An Original Soul Surfer Doll.....

The other week, we got the movie Soul Surfer from Netflix.  It is a wonderful movie and is a great family film.  A few days later we noticed M had been messing with his sister's barbies....
...and now one of the barbies has been attacked by a shark that looks like this.  He got scissors and cut off her arm.  I guess the movie had quiet the impact on him.  I guess I need to hide the scissors a little better!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Story of E's Back....

As alot of you close to us know, E has been having some back issues but most of you may not know that these issues have been going on for almost 3 years!!  Back in the summer of 2009, we went to the beach with my family.  Michael had rented a surfboard at the resort we were staying at.  He let E stand on it just right inside the water.  Maybe between ankle and knee deep.  He was holding the board and she was trying to "surf" but a wave came up and she lost her balance and fell, HARD, on the board.  Of course she was upset but she had fallen a million times before so we didn't think it was a big deal.  It was!

We noticed she began walking weird and complained about the pain so we cut our beach trip short and came back home to see our doctor. She still played and acted like a normal child so we waited to see our doctor the next day when we got home.  They did x-rays and they showed nothing was broken but they wanted us to see and orthopedic.  Again, they saw nothing and said she fell so hard that she bruised the bone and it would take alot of time to heal.  Well, we kept taking her back on occasion.  Sometimes she was fine while others she was screaming in the middle of the night from pain.  That is not what your child should be doing.  I kept taking her and they kept saying nothing was wrong and I felt like they looked at me like the crazy, paranoid mom.  When my kids hurt, I hurt and I want an answer for their hurt.

So, 2 & 1/2 years later, we finally let people convince us to send her to a chiropractor.  Chiropractors scare me, especially when it is my child they are dealing with but we gave in.  Actually, she seemed to be doing tremendously better but last week she was telling me her legs hurt so bad and her toes were tingling like they were asleep so we made an appointment for an adjustment.  About an hour later, she was in pain again.  She played over the weekend but kept grabbing her back and was in pain.  So, Monday, I take her back to the chiropractor to have an adjustment.  Felt great! Played all afternoon outside but after school on Tuesday she hurt so bad when she got off of the bus that she was in tears and Michael had to carry her in the house.

So Mama can't take it anymore!  I call the chiropractor and they tell me to take her back to the orthopedic because they are concerned about her disc or nerve issues.  I take her Wednesday to the orthopedic and the doctor is puzzled.  He does x-rays, everything fine, but her reflexes are super sensitive.  He feels that they need to do an MRI to check and see what is going on.  We have started limiting what she does now.  No heavy lifting, no playing during PE(she is not happy) and we got a doctors note to eliminate her carrying her bookbag.  Those things are too heavy for kids to carry!!!  The school is allowing her to have a rolling bookbag at school.  They have been super!!  Over the last couple of days, she has done great!  She says her back feels alot better and I know that is because of all the prayers going up to the Lord for her.  I think my mom has her on every prayer list around.  It is a big deal to us to have our baby lifted up in prayer.  Our prayer is that the MRI shows no damage to anything and that this is going to be a lifestyle change. Please Lord!!  Ever since she hurt her back she has walked different and maybe she just needs a brace or something to work on her posture.  I don't know but one thing I do know it that my God is sooo Big and He has this in His hands and He is taking care of it, even as I type this out.

Thanks to everyone for all of your prayers!  Please continue to lift her up in prayer and pray the MRI shows a normal, healthy little back.  Love you all!