Saturday, June 30, 2012

2012 Beach Trip

Building a sand-cano.
We have been at the beach for the last week.  We had lots of fun and as usual are ready to go back again.  We are so blessed to be able to stay at my aunts house at the beach.  We just hang out on the beach and eat alot of good food.  Here are some pics from our week....
Making sand castles
Playing putt putt
Deer over on the island at Sunset Beach
I have lots more but seem to be having issues getting my pictures where I want them.  We had a great time!

Like we always knew each other......

Michael felt a heavy burden several months ago to find his sisters.  His dad remarried when he was young and they had 2 girls.  When he was young and visited his dad he would see them alot but they were very young at the time.  His dad remarried again and he never knew what ever happened to them. Around the beginning of the year, he felt a strong conviction to find out how his sisters were doing.  In his career he sees alot of times what can happen to children who grow up without a father figure in their life and he was very concerned about what happened to them.

He began by finding their mother. He wrote a letter and wasn't sure if he would ever get a response.  He was just following what he felt God leading him to do.  It wasn't long till he did get a response.  He eventually was able to talk to his sisters by email and began building a relationship with them by email. He cares so much about them.  We met their mother for dinner one evening and I just fell in love with her.  I sat there and listened to her.  What a testimony.  She is such a wonderful mom who loved those girls so much.  Michael was blessed with a loving mother too who made enormous sacrifices for him and his brother.  Even though all four of these children did not have a father in their lives, God gave them all super moms.

Anyways, a couple weeks ago we finally met.  I was so excited to meet them.  They are beautiful young ladies.  I do not know if it is OK with them to say their names on here.  They told me pictures were OK but I will not say their names unless they tell me it is OK.  One of his sisters has 3 little girls who my kids instantly bonded with.  She is married to a wonderful man who feels God leading him into the ministry and will actually begin preaching at a church very soon.  His youngest sister is a teacher. She is very pretty and sweet.  I was worried that it would feel awkward for us since Michael hasn't seen them in 20 years but it was like we always knew each other. I can't wait to get together with them again soon.

It is so amazing how God works if we just allow ourselves to be His instrument.  I am so proud of Michael for following God and letting God work through this whole process.  I am so tickled to have 2 more sister-in-laws and 3 more nieces.  Love you all!

Pics from VBS

On the ferris wheel
Here are some pics from our VBS this year.  We had alot of fun!
M being a soldier in story time.
Emma and her BFF who came with us to VBS this year.

Riding the swings.

We will all be there.....

Where is it we will all be?  That would be....HEAVEN.  Our sweet little M gave his heart to Jesus on June 3rd.  He had been asking lots of questions and that night after the service at church he told his daddy that he wanted to talk to the preachers about getting saved.  They went up there and he gave his heart to Jesus.  He has a precious heart and I know God has big plans for him.  I am so thankful to know that we will all be together with Jesus one day.

Pool Party!!

E had some friends over to celebrate the end of school the last week of school.  They swam, went to a school dance, swam some more and had a sleep over.  These girls were awesome!  I am so glad she has such good friends.