Thursday, August 9, 2012

True Brotherhood....

Today, I just want to post my emotions for the past couple of days.  Last weekend the kids and I went to church camp while Michael stayed home to work.  When he texted me Sunday, we were going to try to meet him somewhere so we could see him.  Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn't.  Just goes with the job.

I called him when we got out of church but no answer so we headed home.  Later that night I tried again.  Still no answer.  I did get a little concerned because it had been a couple hours but didn't get too stressed.  Around 10:30pm he called to tell me that they were ok.  He said "I didn't want you to see the news and be upset so I want you to know we are all ok".

Ok, I was exhausted from camp but after that call, I didn't sleep.  When I did fall asleep I dreamed of what possibly had happened.  He had told me the main issue over the phone.  If you live in our area, you may have heard there was an officer involved shooting where deputies had to shoot a suspect when he raised a gun at them.  It was a very bad situation and very scary situation.

The next morning I started getting text from people who had heard about what had happened and knew Michael had been working.  I am so grateful to people who checked on us.  When people outside of the law enforcement community hear stuff like this on the TV, it seems like no big deal.  Let me tell you it is a big deal.  When anything like this happens, it affects the entire force that was at the scene responding.  It affects families of officers.  It touches us all and affects everyone involved.

Until this week, I did not realize the true brotherhood with law enforcement.  These guys have called and checked on each other daily.  There is such a bond with these guys and now I understand it, as much as I can.  I am reminded everyday of how God stepped in and protected each of these men.  He held them in His hand in a very dangerous situation and I am so thankful.  I have failed in my praying for these men.  These men need our prayers.  You do not know what dangers these men face each time they put their uniform on and walk out that door.  They work hard to protect and serve their community.  I am a proud wife who will begin to diligently pray for her husband and everyone he works with.

I am asking next time you see a law enforcement officer, thank them.  They face dangers that you have no clue that they face.  They have to miss out on things with their families so they can keep your families safe.  Most importantly, pray for them.

I am so thankful for the unseen hand of God.  Thank you Lord for the men and women who dedicate their lives to protect others.  Please protect them.