Saturday, October 13, 2012

Catch Up Time...AGAIN!

You would think as many times as I have had to do catch up post to show what we have been up to, I would try to keep up with my blog.   I have to say, we have been busy, and blogging is not on my priority list.  So here are some things we have been up to....
Hanging out on the lake with friends.
M wanted a picture of him and his stuffed animals
Spending time with friends in the pool.  This is our friends son who has muscular dystrophy.  He is so precious and M loves to be around him.

M's first day of kindergarten
Spending time with my grandfather before he has open heart surgery.
M has started playing soccer and loves it!!
He even scored 4 goals in 1 game!! Another big event in our family was that M was baptized in July.  I have pictures but I haven't downloaded them from my other camera.  I will soon.

I have gone back to work full-time.  BIG adjustment!!!  It has taken me a while to get into the swing of things and I am still not there yet.  Maybe this explains why I haven't been on here lately.  I look at other peoples blogs but just do not have time to add stuff to mine.  We have lots coming up.  Birthdays, 15 year anniversary for me and Michael and the holidays which I love.  Will try to keep up with things better.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

True Brotherhood....

Today, I just want to post my emotions for the past couple of days.  Last weekend the kids and I went to church camp while Michael stayed home to work.  When he texted me Sunday, we were going to try to meet him somewhere so we could see him.  Sometimes that works, sometimes it doesn't.  Just goes with the job.

I called him when we got out of church but no answer so we headed home.  Later that night I tried again.  Still no answer.  I did get a little concerned because it had been a couple hours but didn't get too stressed.  Around 10:30pm he called to tell me that they were ok.  He said "I didn't want you to see the news and be upset so I want you to know we are all ok".

Ok, I was exhausted from camp but after that call, I didn't sleep.  When I did fall asleep I dreamed of what possibly had happened.  He had told me the main issue over the phone.  If you live in our area, you may have heard there was an officer involved shooting where deputies had to shoot a suspect when he raised a gun at them.  It was a very bad situation and very scary situation.

The next morning I started getting text from people who had heard about what had happened and knew Michael had been working.  I am so grateful to people who checked on us.  When people outside of the law enforcement community hear stuff like this on the TV, it seems like no big deal.  Let me tell you it is a big deal.  When anything like this happens, it affects the entire force that was at the scene responding.  It affects families of officers.  It touches us all and affects everyone involved.

Until this week, I did not realize the true brotherhood with law enforcement.  These guys have called and checked on each other daily.  There is such a bond with these guys and now I understand it, as much as I can.  I am reminded everyday of how God stepped in and protected each of these men.  He held them in His hand in a very dangerous situation and I am so thankful.  I have failed in my praying for these men.  These men need our prayers.  You do not know what dangers these men face each time they put their uniform on and walk out that door.  They work hard to protect and serve their community.  I am a proud wife who will begin to diligently pray for her husband and everyone he works with.

I am asking next time you see a law enforcement officer, thank them.  They face dangers that you have no clue that they face.  They have to miss out on things with their families so they can keep your families safe.  Most importantly, pray for them.

I am so thankful for the unseen hand of God.  Thank you Lord for the men and women who dedicate their lives to protect others.  Please protect them.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

2012 Beach Trip

Building a sand-cano.
We have been at the beach for the last week.  We had lots of fun and as usual are ready to go back again.  We are so blessed to be able to stay at my aunts house at the beach.  We just hang out on the beach and eat alot of good food.  Here are some pics from our week....
Making sand castles
Playing putt putt
Deer over on the island at Sunset Beach
I have lots more but seem to be having issues getting my pictures where I want them.  We had a great time!

Like we always knew each other......

Michael felt a heavy burden several months ago to find his sisters.  His dad remarried when he was young and they had 2 girls.  When he was young and visited his dad he would see them alot but they were very young at the time.  His dad remarried again and he never knew what ever happened to them. Around the beginning of the year, he felt a strong conviction to find out how his sisters were doing.  In his career he sees alot of times what can happen to children who grow up without a father figure in their life and he was very concerned about what happened to them.

He began by finding their mother. He wrote a letter and wasn't sure if he would ever get a response.  He was just following what he felt God leading him to do.  It wasn't long till he did get a response.  He eventually was able to talk to his sisters by email and began building a relationship with them by email. He cares so much about them.  We met their mother for dinner one evening and I just fell in love with her.  I sat there and listened to her.  What a testimony.  She is such a wonderful mom who loved those girls so much.  Michael was blessed with a loving mother too who made enormous sacrifices for him and his brother.  Even though all four of these children did not have a father in their lives, God gave them all super moms.

Anyways, a couple weeks ago we finally met.  I was so excited to meet them.  They are beautiful young ladies.  I do not know if it is OK with them to say their names on here.  They told me pictures were OK but I will not say their names unless they tell me it is OK.  One of his sisters has 3 little girls who my kids instantly bonded with.  She is married to a wonderful man who feels God leading him into the ministry and will actually begin preaching at a church very soon.  His youngest sister is a teacher. She is very pretty and sweet.  I was worried that it would feel awkward for us since Michael hasn't seen them in 20 years but it was like we always knew each other. I can't wait to get together with them again soon.

It is so amazing how God works if we just allow ourselves to be His instrument.  I am so proud of Michael for following God and letting God work through this whole process.  I am so tickled to have 2 more sister-in-laws and 3 more nieces.  Love you all!

Pics from VBS

On the ferris wheel
Here are some pics from our VBS this year.  We had alot of fun!
M being a soldier in story time.
Emma and her BFF who came with us to VBS this year.

Riding the swings.

We will all be there.....

Where is it we will all be?  That would be....HEAVEN.  Our sweet little M gave his heart to Jesus on June 3rd.  He had been asking lots of questions and that night after the service at church he told his daddy that he wanted to talk to the preachers about getting saved.  They went up there and he gave his heart to Jesus.  He has a precious heart and I know God has big plans for him.  I am so thankful to know that we will all be together with Jesus one day.

Pool Party!!

E had some friends over to celebrate the end of school the last week of school.  They swam, went to a school dance, swam some more and had a sleep over.  These girls were awesome!  I am so glad she has such good friends.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Pictures to tell our story

Ok, to say I have been busy lately is a serious understatement.  I want to keep up with my blog but after working all day, getting kids homework done, supper and cleaning done, blogging gets put on the back burner.  I know my life may not seem as exciting as other blogs I read but we are busy.  I am just going to put some pictures to share of what has been going on lately.
M dressed up on rock star day at his preschool.
Having a good time on a nearby playground.
E dressed up for '80's day at school.
This is my good looking M at my brother's wedding.
E and my new sister-in-law, Nikki.
The whole wedding party.  Very beautiful wedding!
My brother & M.
My dad dancing with the kids.
The kids with their own lemonade stand.  It was a cute idea but when you live 1/2 mile off the road you don't have alot of business.  They are so funny with the things they come up with.
Camping in the front yard.
M loves turtles.  Everytime we find one in the yard he wants to keep it.  Here is his turtle he named Walter.  He cried when he had to put him back where he was found. Sweet, sweet boy.
Went with E on field trip to Tuttle State Forest.
M graduated from preschool. Can not believe he is going to kindergarten in August.  My baby is growing up!
Well, hope the pictures show a little of what we have been up to.  We went on our first youth retreat last weekend and had a lot of fun but also got to see God at work which was what a retreat is all about. We have our pool open now so we are a popular place to come right now.  We are only popular in the summer. Lol!  Also, Michael has reconnected with his half sisters and their mom.  We are meeting everyone in a couple weeks and I cannot wait to meet them all.  We met Tammy, Michael's former step mother about a month ago and she is a precious, godly lady.  I loved her as soon as I met her and I know I will love his sisters too. Can't wait to see them!  Well, will try to blog sooner next time.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Rest of the Story....

OK, I know it has been a while but I wanted to tell those of you who do not know how things turned out with E.  We had her MRI done.  When we went back for the results they said they saw something and needed to do another one with contrast dye.  The doctor was talking about neoplasms and all this stuff and I finally said "What are you looking for?".  He pulled me to the side and said the T word. Tumor.  I panicked.  I lost it but tried to keep it together around the kids.  My parents came over & tried to keep me positive.  Of course, I looked things up online and panicked even more.  The doctors office scheduled to do the MRI a week later!  OK, you got me all worried and now you expect me to sit a week and wait and then wait another couple days for the results.

Well, after making the appointment, I got home and thought about it and the more I thought the more mad I got so I left a message begging the doctors office to see if anything sooner was available.  The next day I got a call and the doctors office said they could do the MRI at the hospital the next day.  I said when can I get the results and they told me the same day!  Praise the Lord!  Of course, I was still scared out of my mind.  This is my baby girl!

The night before the MRI I was praying and spending time in God's Word.  He spoke to my heart and told me that when E was born, we dedicated her before the Lord and in front of our family, friends & church.  During that service, we trusted the Lord with E and He reminded me that He was in control and that He loves her more than I ever could.  He gave me the most amazing peace!  It seemed like every devotion I got on my phone the next morning was just for me.  God was reassuring me that He was in control and through this, no matter what the result, He would be glorified.

I took her to the MRI.  I couldn't stay with her so I sat in the waiting room and my mother in law came and waited with me.  If you are wondering, Michael called to keep check on us but he was scheduled to be in a class for his work and could not get out of it.  She did great during the MRI.  They said she did better than most adults.  Afterwards we hung out till it was time to go get the results.  I must say I did not eat too much that day.  My great aunt met me at the doctors office to be there for support.  I have such an awesome support system.  I am so blessed.  The doctor came in and said he had 3 radiologist look at the results and they all said that she seemed to have a stress fracture that has tried to heal but seemed to keep being re-injured.  Praise the Lord!!!!!!  So E had to go without playing in almost anyway and just taking it easy for 4 weeks.  They took her backpack away and required a rolling bag instead.

At her 4 week checkup she was feeling great and ready to get on her bike.  The doctor released her and said she still can't wear a backpack but she is healing up great!  We are so blessed! God has really been trying to get my attention this year.  It seems like I am being attacked in so many ways.  Through this God has shown me so much.  He has shown me not to be so serious all the time about the house being perfect and everything being done but to enjoy the precious time I have with them.  I am blessed to have such beautiful healthy children and I thank God for His hand upon our family.  After E's appointment we took her to a local church playground that she absolutely loves to go to.  It was her first time being able to play like a kid again.  We are thankful!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Art Show

E was chosen as one of 12 students from her school to participate in an art show at the Hickory Museum of Art on Thursday night.   We went to a reception in all of the students honor and all of the art is hanging in the museum.  Her artwork was to honor the custodian at her school.
She did a super job and all of the students artwork is on display this entire month at the art museum.  We are so proud of her!

An Original Soul Surfer Doll.....

The other week, we got the movie Soul Surfer from Netflix.  It is a wonderful movie and is a great family film.  A few days later we noticed M had been messing with his sister's barbies....
...and now one of the barbies has been attacked by a shark that looks like this.  He got scissors and cut off her arm.  I guess the movie had quiet the impact on him.  I guess I need to hide the scissors a little better!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Story of E's Back....

As alot of you close to us know, E has been having some back issues but most of you may not know that these issues have been going on for almost 3 years!!  Back in the summer of 2009, we went to the beach with my family.  Michael had rented a surfboard at the resort we were staying at.  He let E stand on it just right inside the water.  Maybe between ankle and knee deep.  He was holding the board and she was trying to "surf" but a wave came up and she lost her balance and fell, HARD, on the board.  Of course she was upset but she had fallen a million times before so we didn't think it was a big deal.  It was!

We noticed she began walking weird and complained about the pain so we cut our beach trip short and came back home to see our doctor. She still played and acted like a normal child so we waited to see our doctor the next day when we got home.  They did x-rays and they showed nothing was broken but they wanted us to see and orthopedic.  Again, they saw nothing and said she fell so hard that she bruised the bone and it would take alot of time to heal.  Well, we kept taking her back on occasion.  Sometimes she was fine while others she was screaming in the middle of the night from pain.  That is not what your child should be doing.  I kept taking her and they kept saying nothing was wrong and I felt like they looked at me like the crazy, paranoid mom.  When my kids hurt, I hurt and I want an answer for their hurt.

So, 2 & 1/2 years later, we finally let people convince us to send her to a chiropractor.  Chiropractors scare me, especially when it is my child they are dealing with but we gave in.  Actually, she seemed to be doing tremendously better but last week she was telling me her legs hurt so bad and her toes were tingling like they were asleep so we made an appointment for an adjustment.  About an hour later, she was in pain again.  She played over the weekend but kept grabbing her back and was in pain.  So, Monday, I take her back to the chiropractor to have an adjustment.  Felt great! Played all afternoon outside but after school on Tuesday she hurt so bad when she got off of the bus that she was in tears and Michael had to carry her in the house.

So Mama can't take it anymore!  I call the chiropractor and they tell me to take her back to the orthopedic because they are concerned about her disc or nerve issues.  I take her Wednesday to the orthopedic and the doctor is puzzled.  He does x-rays, everything fine, but her reflexes are super sensitive.  He feels that they need to do an MRI to check and see what is going on.  We have started limiting what she does now.  No heavy lifting, no playing during PE(she is not happy) and we got a doctors note to eliminate her carrying her bookbag.  Those things are too heavy for kids to carry!!!  The school is allowing her to have a rolling bookbag at school.  They have been super!!  Over the last couple of days, she has done great!  She says her back feels alot better and I know that is because of all the prayers going up to the Lord for her.  I think my mom has her on every prayer list around.  It is a big deal to us to have our baby lifted up in prayer.  Our prayer is that the MRI shows no damage to anything and that this is going to be a lifestyle change. Please Lord!!  Ever since she hurt her back she has walked different and maybe she just needs a brace or something to work on her posture.  I don't know but one thing I do know it that my God is sooo Big and He has this in His hands and He is taking care of it, even as I type this out.

Thanks to everyone for all of your prayers!  Please continue to lift her up in prayer and pray the MRI shows a normal, healthy little back.  Love you all!

Monday, February 20, 2012

I'm Still Here.....

I know it has been quite some time since I have posted.  Life is crazy and to be honest I have been struggling through it lately, literally.  I have had a hard battle with anxiety lately but trusting in my God is getting me through it.  I have even had a couple panic attacks which is very scary.  I had one at church one night but have tried to keep going on.  I have been blessed with people encouraging me and lifting me up in prayer.  Yes, I went to the doctor but if you know me, I refuse to take any kind of medication for this.  I will take a little something for a panic attack but just on rare occasion.  I am not against medication, I just do not like anything in my body that I do not know what it could do to me.  I tend to be more sensitive than some so I am just trying to focus on the positive and try not to worry so much (very hard for me).  I am also trying to get more exercise.  Right now I need to go do Zumba on the Wii but I am too tired tonight.  Michael worked all weekend and he is gone tonight skiing at Beech Mountain with his platoon from work so I have been a single mom for the last 4 nights and I am pooped.

I have to admit, the trial with the anxiety has not been all bad.  God has revealed so much to me lately about myself.  He has revealed some hard feelings that I have been harboring in my heart towards others and He has showed me that He is in control and that I MUST depend on Him.  God is so good and I am thankful for a sweet, supportive husband and wonderful children that love me even when I feel like I am going crazy sometimes.  I know that this too shall pass and I will be better for it.

Well, I will try to keep up a little better on this blog.  I do have to tell you something funny.  M, E and myself were watching the news about the upcoming election and E was asking who I would vote for and M spoke up and said he was voting for Billy Graham!!  I think he has a good idea, what do you think?
Hope you have a great week!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Chimney Fire!!!

Saturday night, we were getting ready to leave the house to go eat dinner with Michael's family when Michael went downstairs to check the fire in our fireplace before we left.  We have an insert in our fireplace to where we can heat our house to keep our heat pumps from running so much.  He went down and opened it and it just erupted into flames.  He closed the fireplace door and went outside.  Our chimney was roaring like a freight train.  We had a chimney fire!!! Our first ever at our home.  Being a mom, first thing I did was grab kids and head out the door.  E was panicking just like me.  I put them in the truck and ran them to my mother in laws so they would not be so scared.  I came back home to wait on the fire department.

The fire department got there when flames were shooting out of our chimney!  I was scared to death.  If I wasn't freaking out so bad I may have taken a pic of my house but I was too afraid to look.  I just started walking down my driveway in the cold and dark, crying and praying.  For those of you who have never been to my house, my driveway is about 1/2 mile long so along the way on my walk, my parents walked up, my grandfather and his wife and a friend from our old church.  The road had been blocked so no one else was allowed to drive down our driveway so that is why everyone was walking.

Thank goodness the firemen got the fire out with this powder stuff and cleaned everything out.  I am so thankful for volunteer firemen!!!  I am so thankful to God that the fire stayed in our chimney!!  Once, everyone left about 2 hours after this all started, we went to get E and M from my mother in laws.  I did not realize till then that poor E did not have on socks or shoes when we were running outside.  She said they teach them to get out of the building at school and her shoes were downstairs with the fireplace and she wasn't going down there!  Poor thing she was so upset when it happened.  We are praising God for His protection upon us all!  It has been one more weekend but God is good!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Summary of our December......

I know I have  not really posted much lately.  Blogging is just not a high priority on my list right now.  I think about things I want to put on here but when you work almost full-time, have activities with the kids and dealing with Michael's schedule, I do good to get to post anything.  Our December, like everyone else's, was busy.  Here is just a summary of what has been going on:

E and I ran our first 5K together with the Girls on the Run program at her school.

Me and E after our 5K.
E and all of her best friends.  These girls stick together.
We had alot of fun and I really enjoyed running.  Thanks to the advice from my running experts, Deidre & Rita, I was able to train with the couch to 5K program and survived the 5K.  I have actually found that this is something that me and E enjoy so we are trying to keep it up.

The whole month we tried to spend as much time as possible with Michael's brothers family because they were moving to northern Virginia at the end of December.  They are 5 hours away!  We have only been 15 minutes away since forever ago.  It has been hard and I have wrestled some very strong emotions with this whole move.  I can't really express my true feelings but I have had to talk to God alot about my attitude with the whole situation.
E, C, M & G on their last night in NC.
S & R went home for their last night.
The kids both had their Christmas plays at church and I was so very proud of them both.  M spoke his part without hesitation and E sang a solo and did sign language for another song.  M also had his Christmas program at his preschool. 

M also turned 5 this month!!!
M with his preschool class having birthday party.
I can't believe kindergarten is right around the corner!  On M's birthday, I took off work and wore my super mom cape that day.  After we dropped E off at school, we ran to Krispy Kreme to get doughnuts for his class.  We had a little party with his friends at school.  After the party, I left him to have fun at school and went back to E's school to do a holiday craft with her class.  After we were done, I got her out of school early and we met her Grandma Barbara, Mason & the cousins at Pin Station for another little birthday party.  They had fun bowling and playing games!
M opening gifts at the bowling alley.
Of course, we also had Christmas parties and get togethers.  I will post next about our Christmas weekend.  I haven't uploaded my pictures yet (little behind huh?).  Well, I'll post about that soon.  I learned something that weekend that hit so close to home.  Something we all take for granted.  More coming soon!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Boy, do I owe someone an apology!!!!

Last month, I posted about little M charging $100 worth of bullets on my credit card for a game on my phone.  Boy was I wrong!  It never showed up under my iTunes and last week I got charged another $100 and last week more charges from other places. So guess what??? I owe my little man a big apology.  Instead of him charging on my credit card so innocently, my number has been stolen.  Yes, stolen!  I am getting charges from all over and yes I am a little panicked but I pray my bank can work it all out.  M, I am soooo sorry.  I love you!! You can play Angry Birds on my phone all you want now!!