Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Life on the road....during ball season!!!

I have to say that we have been quite busy the last few months.  E & M both played ball this year.  I knew I would be at the field alot but I don't think I realized exactly how much I would be there.  M played most of his games at Mt. View but E was all over the county.  They both had a great time but I am exhausted.  During all of this we were doing home renovations too which caused me not to be able to use my kitchen for a while so life on the road is an understatement.

M doing homework in the back of the car while we are at 2 hour practice for E.
M at practice for his team.  He is a natural player.  I think we have found his sport. Michael helped coach his team.
E at her practice.  She loved playing softball and had several of her friends from school on her team.

I had more pics from games but got a new iPhone and somehow lost those photos:(.  Ball season is over now and so is school.. Yay!  We have had a busy weekend and will share more once I upload photos.  We have the pool open and are starting out summer out great!  We were on the lake all day today with friends and have lots planned for the summer.  One plan is I am off one day a week and instead of being busy with errands and everything else, we have decided that we are having open pool day where all our friends are welcome to come hang out by the pool all day with us.  Can't wait! Going to be lots of fun this summer!

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